Graphic Identity for “HARU

Each letter was taken from 'sandwich', 'salad', 'fruit' and 'soup' to form the brand's name, HARU. The brand aims to provide a nutritionally balanced and healthy meal a day for busy working men. We had previously worked with the client on branding The Daily Kitchen, and they were enormously satisfied with the result we came up with. This naturally led us to collaborate once again. The client believed in our work entirely, and we became conscious of this new branding project and began to treat it as if it were our own.

Therefore, we were involved not only in the visual treatment of the brand identity but also in early stages of the design process. This made it easy for us to plan the brand direction and develop concepts. We were all very enthusiastic about this project and we wanted to be involved in the work process more than we were supposed to. So that we could achieve the perfect output ensuring the brand's consistency and the quality of the design.

HARU는 샌드위치(sandwich), 샐러드(salad), 과일(fruit), 스프(soup) 에서 한 글자씩 가져와 작명된 이름으로현대인에게 부담없는 한끼 식사를 제공하는 브랜드이다. 다소 설명이 필요한 다양한 메뉴들을 직관적으로 구별해주고식감을 돋구기 위해 색상과 아이콘을 적극 활용하였다.

Logo, Label, Package, Order Sheet, Leaflet, Signage

Client: HARU
iF award 2014: Communication Design - Winner’